The Fisher Mans Village

Towards the back half of my travels in South/Central America, the theme of the trip had changed due to a few factors, I didn’t have a whole heap of money to eat out and party, I had partied too much and no longer wanted to, and I had met a girl, so I wasn’t interested in going out and partying looking for girls. The main interests now were to surf a lot, conserve money by eating rice and vegetables, and to experience the culture by being surrounded by locals instead of being at busy hostels with more gringos.

What better way to achieve this than stopping in at a small fisher mans village in Central  America, where there was minimal travellers, amazing waves every day, cheap rice and vegetables and old wise locals with wisdom and stories to tell. We spend about a month here in a little flat with our own kitchen and bathroom for $7 each per night, and spent roughly $3 each per day on food, it was one of the better months of my life, the perfect opportunity to slow things down and to enjoy the simple but best things in life, surfing, friends, food, laughs and sleeping.

During our time here we also met a guy named Louis, he was a local fisherman who lived with his family of about 8 in a small hut made out of old rusty tin sheets, sticks, and large palm tree leaves. We always invited Louis around for a coffee when he rode past on his bike every morning, which was also great for me to practice some Spanish. He was kind enough to invite us to meet his family one day which was a cool experience, his Mum and Dad were so welcoming and nice, and the little kids looked at us as if aliens had just walked into their house. It was cool to see how happy they were with how little they had, makes you really realize how lucky we are to be able to make money so easily here, and to be able to have everything we would need, and makes you a little angry at the same time to think about how greedy and ungrateful a lot of people are these days with everything that they have, money can’t buy happiness people!


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